Friday, November 12, 2010

Came, Saw and Colonized

Change that we hoped for?

It was hardly a secret that Mr. Obama mainly had economic and geopolitical motivations behind his recent visit to India. Any head of state visiting any other countries would always have the same considerations as his or her prime agenda, it's quite natural. Mr. Obama categorically declared this in his press conference too. And it's no crime. You can’t blame them for that, after all, the declining super power's unemployment rate is skyrocketing while it is spending billions and billions of dollars in wars and invasions on other sovereign countries. Another rather hidden thread that runs through this visit is the U.S unease over China's growing clout across the continents. The white house assumes India can be used as the best tool in containing the raising dragon. On the other hand, India is also looking for an ally to cope with its giant neighbor super power. Hence, the U.S is trying to make an alliance of the willing to encircle China. Naturally, India is too happy to participate in the great gamble.

But when it comes to Pakistan, the game plan of both India and the U.S diverges. The U.S cannot afford to shun Islamabad in its “war against terror”. But India is desperately seeking to make the U.S subscribe to its view that Pakistan is a part of the problem not the solution and that Pakistan is merely a thriving factory of terrorism and the ISI is the main sponsor of all the terror networks throughout the glob.

An embrace in need

India wants the US to condemn Pakistan for its interference in Kashmir that the US can't afford to do. On the other hand, Pakistan is also feeling restless about the US hobnobbing with India. For its part, Pakistan is going through an existential crisis. It has already become the synonym of a failed state. Pakistan is the reality-show example as to how a state can be driven into anarchy and chaos if religious fanatics are allowed to thrive. India has a lot to learn from Pakistan’s nightmarish experience especially when it has its own homegrown variants of fanatics such as the RSS and SIMI etc.

To come back to the point, what both India and Pakistan refuse to recognize is the perennial fact that they are there own to sort out their problems and conflicts between them. U.S has never stabilized any country it made friendship with or invaded on. On the contrary it has a long history of destabilizing other sovereign countries. Be it Colombia, Chile, Nicaragua, Vietnam, Iran, Lebanon, Afghanistan or Iraq etc. Be it in the continents of America, Europe, Middle East or Asia the list goes on and on.

Kashmiries pelting stones at the security forces.

The crux of the dispute between
India and Pakistan is the unresolved matter of Kashmir. It was the departing "gift" by the British to the subcontinent. The will of the Kashmiri people was never sought at the time their King acceded the entity to India. Later the government promised the people that a plebiscite would be held on the future of the valley when things came back into normalcy. Soon Pakistan sent its tribal militia to infiltrate and occupied a small portion of Kashmir ever since. The people of Kashmir has become sandwiched between the two warring neighbors ever since. They have no love lost for either Pakistan or India. As both Inida and Pakistan have long been acquired the ultimate weapon of atom bomb, Kahsmir has become a nuclear flash point.

If the narrow minded religious prejudices continue to make us blind towards the lessons that the history has taught us, the entire region may slide into uncontrollable turmoil and chaos. The dream that the U.S would take care of all the trouble shootings may well turn out to be an inescapable nightmare.