Friday, September 30, 2011

The dawn that never was

He was the average Indian. The British had been ruling his beloved country. He was a prisoner in his own land, a victim of human right violations and malnutrition.

Then he rose, he fought and he won his freedom and the British were banished. 

He dreamt of a new dawn and liberation from the chains of slavery. 

Then came the Brown Sahibs to the helm of power. 

Under the new masters, the average Indian was dislodged from the land of his forefathers and it was handed over to the corporate conglomerates for mining and exploiting the natural wealth. It was said that it was all for the overall economical progress of the country. 

Being dispossessed of his only means of sustenance, he was pushed to the ever spiraling slums of the big cities. He refused to give up his land and he took the knives that he used to cut his vegetables to defend himself. 

For this reason he was labeled an insurgent and an impediment in the way of development and progress. 

He may be in the jail or in the jungle now, but it seems that the dawn he dreamt for was not the one he woke for..